Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Married With Woobie

My first project ever was a baby blanket that affectionately became known as my son, Gavin's woobie. Blankets were the only thing I made for a long time, and still continue to be my go-to gift. Although they are extremely time consuming and take up a ridiculous amount of yarn, I still love to make them. They're something personal and nostalgic about a handmade blanket so any event in someone's life I'm always scrambling to get another woobie stitched up. So of course with my brother-in-law getting married a giant afghan is in order. I love this gift for a wedding present, it's something the couple can cuddle up together under.
This project began a month ago, and I have to have it done my Saturday. Ordinarily this would not be enough time, but I'm using a thick yarn and a giant hook so it's moving along nicely. The blanket's made with a v-stitch and some contemporary neutral colors. This Hometown USA yarn by Lion Brand is soooo soft and fairly heavy that my bro-in-law and his new bride will be a cozy and warm.  

You can get a little sneak peek of it here, but I'll be sure to post the final product when I'm done. I'm probably only halfway done, so I'll be sitting for a while neglecting my chores.....stitching away😊

.......So I finished it! And on time too!!! Woohoo! I wish I would have measured it before I gave it to them, but it was huge. In the pic, it's lying sideways on a queen size bed so maybe that gives you an idea.
I think it turned out beautiful and my brother-in-law did a pretty good job of pretending he liked it ;-)

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