Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hook it!

I started crocheting 13 years ago and it all began with my first born's "woobie". From the moment I began to create with that hook I loved it! For years now, I have made blankets and woobies, stuffies, headbands and so much more! I love learning new stitches and finding new ways to create something that will be treasured. Throughout my years of crocheting, I occasionally run into those who ask me if I sell my items, and sometimes I do. So this is it, I will post pics of my latest creations, and if you want to buy it or have a custom order let me know.

This is a mermaid baby sleep sack or costume. It can also be used as a photo prop...have you seen Pinterest! Sooo cute!!! This particular item is for my new great neice but I can always whip up another one, and you can pick the colors and size.

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